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Summer Camp in Deep Learning, London

Deep Learning Summer Camp

A new summer camp has been developed as part of the EDSA programme, highlighting the most important aspects of deep learning for data science projects. Ali Syed, founder and chief data scientist at Persontyle and key partner in the EDSA project, will be hosting the summer camp alongside a team from NVidia. You will practically learn […]

EDSA organises the 6th ESWC Summer School

6th ESWC Summer School

The 6th ESWC Summer School will run in Dubrovnik, Croatia from the morning of Monday, September 5th to midday Saturday, September 10th 2016. The overall goal for this event is to provide intensive training and networking opportunities for the next-generation of scientists and researchers in the digital age. In particular we wish to facilitate the creation […]

New Videolectures Launched

A new series of videolectures have been uploaded to our website and can be viewed here: The videolectures span a large spectrum of data science techniques, and they are sourced from leading experts in their particular fields. The lectures are selected by the EDSA project partners based upon their relevance to data science education and training […]

Machine Learning Workshop for Developers – Persontyle

Machine Learning Workshop

The Right Mix of Theory and Hands-on Work The workshop is agnostic and features the best open source Python libraries (Pandas, scikit-learn, SKLL), APIs and ML-as-a-Service platforms (Microsoft Azure ML & Cortana Intelligence Suite, Amazon ML, BigML) for developers getting started in Machine Learning. It focuses on only two learning techniques, which turn out to […]

Data Science Champions Conference

Data Science Champions Conference A conference is being organised by the EU-funded EDISON project on the Data Science profession in Europe. This conference is being organised to address the urgent need to significantly increase the number of Data Science professionals in Europe. This conference is dedicated to inviting delegates who are leading practitioners and researchers in the […]

Data Science Story: Snips – Underground Location Tracking

Joseph Dureau

One of our ambassadors, Dr Joseph Dureau of Snips, discusses a study that his organisation worked on related to utilising location in places where location tracking becomes very difficult e.g. on a metro. Using context awareness, a field within artificial intelligence, user locations can be tracked. A summary of the story can be found below […]

New EDSA course: Big Data Analytics

EDSA has launched a new course on Big Data Analytics. The course has been produced by Fraunhofer and provides an overview of approaches facilitating data analytics on huge datasets. Different strategies are presented including sampling to make classical analytics tools amenable for big datasets, analytics tools that can be applied in the batch or the speed […]

Enrol EDSA’s MOOC on Process Mining

Process Mining MOOC with ProM

The European Data Science Academy are due to launch the next course on the FutureLearn platform: Processing Mining with ProM on July 11th 2016. The course utilises the free and open source process mining framework (ProM) to analyse, visualise and manage a range of business processes. Process mining is a new and exciting field which […]

VideoLectures on Data Science Now Available

David Lowe

The EDSA project have started to collate videolectures on data science related topics in order to further data science learners’ knowledge in the respective fields. Videolectures will be collated on a monthly basis an distributed through The lectures are selected by the EDSA project partners based upon their relevance to data science education and training around the […]

EDSA Values

European Data Science Academy

The European Data Science Academy has developed a series of core values associated with the project that enables learners, educators and trainers to increase their knowledge on the aims and practices of the EDSA project. The values will be utilised to develop and implement an EDSA course endorsement process, which will enable us to promote […]