Machine Learning for Data Scientists – London Bootcamp

EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp

Mike Ashcroft leading the EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp, London

Our summer series of Machine Learning for Data Science Bootcamps got off to a flying start this week at the Open Data Institute in London. The Bootcamp, organised by Ali Syed at Persontyle and led by Mike Ashcroft, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at Uppsala University, covered key machine learning pre-processing and modelling processes in depth. Over the two-day workshop, Mike guided the participants through the standard workflow using RStudio to clean data, extract and select features, manage missing values, and then generate, select, and evaluate the resulting models.

Working on the final group project

Working on the final group project

As well as UK-based Data Scientists, the Bootcamp was joined by participants from around Europe. Learners found the mix of theory and practice was well-balanced, and enjoyed the opportunity to try out different methods in R, enabling them to add context to their experience on other courses, and apply new knowledge to their work.

We’re running three more Bootcamps this summer. Registration is  open for our Bootcamp in Germany, and arrangements are currently being made for events in Slovenia and Sweden. For up to date information, please see our Bootcamp post.