Number Title Date
D1.5 Demand and supply analysis report January 2018
D2.6 Learning resources 3 January 2018
D2.7 Lessons learned and best practices from the production of learning resources January 2018
D3.4 Report on the delivery of video lectures, webinars and face-to-face trainings 3 January 2018
D3.5 Report on the evaluation of course content and delivery 2 January 2018
D4.5 Final community engagement and networking report January 2018
D4.6 Project Showcase January 2018
D5.2 Establishing EDSI January 2018
D5.4 Project exploitation report January 2018
D5.7 Final EDSA Data Management Plan January 2018
D2.3 Data Science Curricula 3 July 2017
D5.8 Individual, joint and external exploitation plans July 2017
D2.5 Learning resources 2 February 2017
D1.4 Study Evaluation Report 2 July 2016
D2.2 Data Science Curricula 2 July 2016
D3.2 Report on the delivery of video‐lectures, webinars and face‐to‐face trainings July 2016
D3.3 Report on the Evaluation of Course Content and Delivery 1 July 2016
D4.4 Interim Community Engagement and Networking Report July 2016
D5.1 The EDSI Charter
July 2016
D5.3 Preliminary individual, joint and external exploitation plans July 2016
D5.6 Updated EDSA Data Management Plan July 2016
D2.4 Learning resources 1 January 2016
D1.2 Study evaluation report 1 July 2015
D1.3 Industry advisory board July 2015
D2.1 Data science curricula July 2015
D3.1 Report on delivery of videolectures, webinars and face-to-face trainings 1 July 2015
D4.2 Key figures of attained audience July 2015
D5.5 Initial EDSA Data Management Plan July 2015
D4.3 Real-World and Online Community Engagement Plan April 2015
D1.1 Study Design Document March 2015
D4.1 Website February 2015