EDSA Values

The courses shown on our courses portal http://courses.edsa-project.eu/, follow the EDSA values below:

EDSA Curriculum Design Values

  • Industry Aligned – The curriculum is designed in accordance with the expectations of EU industrial sectors connected to data science, providing industry-standard scenarios and tools.
  • Industry Standard Tools – Our compilation of open source data science tools offer learners experience with tools customary to the industry and their specific sector.
  • Real Data – Learners utilising this curriculum have access to a number of large-scale open datasets to perform their learned data science skills, enabling real-world data science on real-world data.
  • Open Design – Our curriculum is designed from user, research, industry and professional recommendations and feedback taken into account from all across the EU, ensuring that the curriculum meets the needs of the industry, academia and the wider market.
  • Expert Provision – A curriculum that is designed by world-class professional and academic experts in data science.
  • Modular – The curriculum is flexible and adaptable to educator requirements and the needs of their learners.
  • Transferrable – Skills learned through the curriculum can be utilised across a range of data science roles, occupations and countries throughout the EU.
  • Concise Learning Goals – All courses are aligned with clear learning goals depicted by a specific aspect of the data science role. Learning pathways are provided to enable learners to navigate through the content, selecting what is useful to them.
  • Addressing the Whole Data Value Chain – Data scientists are made aware of the techniques and stages of the whole data science value chain through the use of easily understandable narratives.

EDSA Curriculum Delivery Values

  • Multimodal – Provided in a number of modes to suit skill levels and format preferences, such as MOOCs, eBooks and slide decks.
  • Multi-Platform – Utilises a wide range of platforms in order to remain accessible and available to a large body of data science learners.
  • Cutting-Edge Quality – Materials are subject to a series of design iterations that encapsulate the latest research and professional practice, prior to their launch.
  • Reflective and Quantified – Materials are delivered with data and analytics in mind, providing all learners quantified measures and analytics to reflect on their aptitude, skills and strengths.
  • Hands-On – Course materials are delivered in a way to emphasise a constructivist hands-on approach, meaningfully applying knowledge to real tools and data.

Run a course in data science that meets the EDSA values? We are currently developing a course endorsement process so that you can promote your course on our courses portal http://courses.edsa-project.eu/.