The European Data Science Academy (EDSA) designs curricula for data science training and data science education across the European Union (EU). EDSA establishes a virtuous learning production cycle whereby we: a) analyse the required sector specific skillsets for data scientists across the main industrial sectors in Europe; b) develop modular and adaptable data science curricula to meet industry expectations; and c) deliver data science training supported by multi-platform and multilingual learning resources. The curricula and learning resources are continuously evaluated by pedagogical and data science experts during both development and deployment.

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Latest News

Data Skills Matter: The Network of Big Data Centers of Excellence in Europe

The iKnow-the Data-Driven Future Conference in Graz witnessed an excellent project come to life: the European Network of National Big Data Centers of Excellence. Each of these 'Centers' cover part of the Big Data picture, but together their competences can define the data-driven Future of Europe. There has been discussion for the new Network to identify synergies for educational...

The ODI Pre-Summit Training Day 2016

ODI Pre-Summit Training Day 2016

As we emerge into the age of the web of data, data skills aren’t just a ‘nice to have’, but are necessary for any modern organisation. But being data skilled isn’t simply about being a...

Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Deep Learning Using TensorFlow

Persontyle (EDSA partner), in partnership NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, are excited to announce this 2-day practical Deep TensorFlow Learning using TensorFlow workshop in London on 15-16 September,...

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