Summer Data Science Meetups & Bootcamps


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Aspiring and expert data scientists regularly meet at informal gatherings all over Europe. As well as discovering and taking courses listed on our Course Portal, data scientists find that Meetups are a great way to share, improve, and gain new skills. Here we list some eye-catching talks and get-togethers for the summer of 2017 – including details of our Machine Learning Bootcamps.

Date Title Location
1 July h: datathon #1 Lisbon, Portugal
3 July Generative Adversarial Networks, a new paradigm for ANN training Nantes, France
3 July Data Sciences Speakers Club Meeting London, UK
5 July Deep RL & General AI Rome, Italy
5 July R Ladies: R Clinic Manchester, UK
6 July Data Science Spain Meetup Madrid, Spain
7 July Coffee & Data: Visual Analytics Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 July Python – Quickstart Wroclaw, Poland
10 July Is Julia the Future for Big Data Analytics? Barcelona, Spain
11 July Neural Translation and RNNs in PyTorch Munich, Germany
12 July Python Ireland Monthly Meetup Dublin, Ireland
13 July Atelier Hands-On Data #2 (Python, Spark) – Non Technical Paris, France
15 July Introduction to MongoDB Berlin, Germany
17 July Hands-On Open Data and Civic Tech Frankfurt, Germany
18 July Highlights from the useR! 2017 conference Budapest, Hungary
20 July Making for loops faster with the Rcpp package Cork, Ireland
24 July Timandra Harkness: Big Data: Does Size Matter? Sheffield, UK
26 July NLP Meetup Paris, France
27 July Data Science Meetup Hamburg, Germany
TBA EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
Jožef Stefan Institute and Persontyle.
8 August (7 weeks) di-Academy: Summer Coding Camp Brussels, Belgium
16-17 August EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
Fraunhofer and Persontyle.
Sankt Augustin, Germany
24 August AI Communications Helsinki, Finland
TBA EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
The Royal Institute of Technology and Persontyle
Stockholm, Sweden
29 August Tech Women #1 London, UK
4 September Neural networks and deep learning workshop Amsterdam, Netherlands
4 September AI Summit Vienna, Austria
14 September How to make sense of business metadata Prague, Czech Republic

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