Focus on Data Science Meetups


Linked data meetup

Linked data meetup/©2009 Paul Downey/CC BY 2.0

Data Science Meetups are springing up all over Europe. As well as discovering and taking courses listed in our Course Portal, Data Scientists find that Meetups are a great, informal way to share, improve, and gain new skills. In the past 12 months, people have been setting up Data Science Meetups at an increasing rate, and in this overview we list some interesting upcoming events.

Date Title Location
11 April Introduction to Neo4J Bucharest, Romania
11 April The Art of Data Storytelling Warsaw, Poland
19 April The role of optimization in Machine Learning Bratislava, Slovakia
19 April Data Science in Banking Ljubljana, Slovenia
25 April Let’s explore Tableau Public Brighton, UK
26 April Craft Conference Budapest, Hungary
27 April Killer Robots from Outer Space Innsbruck, Austria
27 April Data Science et Smart Cities Lyon, France
27 April What can Data Scientists learn from DevOps & Modelling Edinburgh, UK
11 May Open data about streets and parking Helsinki, Finland
18 May 1st Artificial Intelligence & Future Meetup Zagreb, Croatia
25 May Deep Learning – technical insight into how it works Riga, Latvia
30 May Teaching machines to perceive the world like humans Hamburg, Germany
5-6 June EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
with the Open Data Institute and Persontyle.
London, UK
12 June StarCraft and AI Nantes, France
TBA EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
with Jožef Stefan Institute and Persontyle.
16-17 August EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
with Fraunhofer and Persontyle.
Sankt Augustin, Germany
TBA EDSA Machine Learning Bootcamp
with The Royal Institute of Technology and Persontyle
Stockholm, Sweden

Please note that this overview is not a comprehensive list of all relevant events, and does not endorse of any of the activities listed.