Data Science Champions Conference

Data Science Champions Conference

A conference is being organised by the EU-funded EDISON project on the Data Science profession in Europe. This conference is being organised to address the urgent need to edison-logo-new-12-january-16significantly increase the number of Data Science professionals in Europe. This conference is dedicated to inviting delegates who are leading practitioners and researchers in the field of Data Science.

The 2-day event, held at Cerys Manor in Brockenhurst between the 13th and 14th of July, brings together around 40 of the leading providers of teaching and training for Data Science in Europe in order to capture best practice, identify challenges and opportunities ahead, and better understand the roles of the pioneers at the vanguard, and how EDISON can help them become Champions.

Event Goals:

The goal of this event is to mobilise the pioneers as Champions, a small but cohesive collection of trainers and educators who will extol the virtues and benefits of the EDISON framework in terms of helping them deliver data science education and contribute to the evolution of the EDISON framework.

This will result in the speeding up of the process to deliver new data science courses better aligned to the needs of employers in research infrastructures and elsewhere.

How to achieve this? We need to identify the multiplier effects that can be implemented by Champions to make this happen. These may be different in different countries and regions.

We will want to identify individuals that are willing to take on the roles of Champions, followers and ambassadors in order to make things happen.

The full details of the conference and its respective program can be downloaded here (PDF).

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