OER Congress 2017

Dr Inna Novalija at the OER Congress

Dr Inna Novalija at the OER Congress/©2017 Igor Lipovšek

EDSA Consortium members Dr Inna Novalija and Marko Grobelnik from the Jožef Stefan Institute, presented their work on our jobs and training Dashboard at the 2nd World Open Education Resources Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Monday. Speaking in the Technologies for OER and Open Education showcase session, they outlined the innovative machine learning aspects of the EDSA Demand Analysis Dashboard. The Dashboard scours through millions of job postings and our selected database of courses, with the aim of filling the data science skills gap and demonstrating learning pathways. In essence, our Dashboard is a set of tools for presenting and reusing demand data in data science with the aims of helping policy-makers, job seekers, and new and experienced data science practitioners, explore the evolving demand for data science in Europe, identify typical profiles of data scientists, and interlink data science demand with learning materials/training supply.

If you’re searching for job or looking to develop your data science skills, please click the image below: