Do you have data about data science jobs in Europe? Are you a job site, hosting such posts? Are you a practising Data Scientist or a policy or decision maker in an institution requiring data scientists? If so, we need your help!

The ultimate aim of EDSA is to design and build courses and point to existing courses that will provide training to fill skill gaps we identify as part of our demand analysis. Do you run Data Science training courses within the EU? What skills and tools do you focus on? How many trainees do you average per year? Where do your graduates go? This survey will help us to paint a more complete picture of the Data Science landscape, allowing us to map capacity for Data Scientists to capability, and help to provide effective, up-to-date, general, location- and industry-specific training resources for practising and new Data Scientists.

To contribute your data or help us to extend and refine our initial set of Data Science skills please complete our skills survey or contact us.

Update to Skills Survey Results – 01 July 2016

The main part of data collection for the EDSA project demand analysis is now complete. While we would love to hear if you have data, we can no longer guarantee that this data will be used to inform the project now that the later phases are underway. The skills survey remains online and the dashboard will continue to update as people contribute data. This way people can continue to share and update the demand analysis data in the future and have a freely accessible way of doing this. Like the datasets, we cannot guarantee that any data now contributed will be used in the remainder of the EDSA project.

The survey cross-filter dashboard allows you to interactively browse the results from from the EDSA demand analysis survey.

The default view shows all data:

The dashboard shows a live view of all submitted data. A filter excludes inconsistent or incomplete results. This may be updated, therefore, data currently available may be excluded at a later time.

All charts apart from the word cloud can be used to filter the data.
E.g., to look at the data from Managers in the UK, select "Manager" in the Role pie chart, and then the UK in the Map view. This will apply this filter to the view. Deselect to restore to the default view or refresh the page.